Koala Tapioca Closes For An Upgrade In Westwood

After beginning life in a truck, I noticed back in November that popular boba purveyors Koala Tapioca was moving into a brick and mortar at 10965 Weyburn Ave. in Westwood.  Well they long since have opened but according to a notice posted on their papered-over window, their popularity is requiring them to close so they can upgrade with a new menu and “enhanced services”.  Whatever those enhanced services are, we’ll just have to wait and see but in the meantime, check out more here.


The Point Officially Opens This Week With A Free Breakfast; True Food Kitchen Now Open In El Segundo…

There are a great many of you who read this blog that appear to be very excited about the arrival of the big shopping/dining development The Point, situated on the corner of Rosecrans and Sepulveda in El Segundo (Manhattan Beach adjacent).  Much of your attention is focused on the True Food Kitchen (that according to their website is now open), but as I’ve told you before, there are many other eateries on the way as well.  I can’t exactly say when all of those restaurants will open (although it looks like most will be open very soon), I can tell you that The Point officially opens this Thursday with a 9:30am complimentary continental breakfast followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and other activities over the weekend that you can read more about here.



Another In-N-Out Set To Grace The Southbay Soon…

Fanaticism-inspiring CA chain In-N-Out Burger continues its slow and steady expansion.  The old derelict Sizzler that used to inhabit the corner of Sepulveda and E. Mariposa in El Segundo has been torn down and construction is underway on the building that will house the new restaurant.  No word on an opening date, but I’m sure the hungry aerospace crowds are chomping at the bit…


Caffe 8 1/2 Taking Over Caffe Bello In SM?

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I’ve noticed a lot of recent activity at the site that used to house Caffe Bello at 1912 Broadway Suite 100 in a quiet residential neighborhood of Santa Monica.  Caffe Bello apparently closed earlier in the year.  But signs have recently gone up (as well as a giant wall photo of Marcello Mastroianni in an homage to Federico Fellini’s famous film) announcing that the new lunch spot will be called Caffe 8 1/2.  The door promises a menu of classic Italian faves including panini, focacce, tiramisu, and espresso.  Let me know if you have more info, but in the mean time, I’ll keep my eye on it…


Another Wetzel’s Down For The Count…

Is popular doughy treat shop Wetzel’s Pretzels pulling out of the Westside?  Back in December of last year, I noticed that the branch at Santa Monica Place had disappeared.  And now, the Wetzel’s in the Century City Shopping Center has quietly slipped out of its first floor location.  Not sure what’s going on, but I’ll keep watching.  If you find that life holds no meaning without their signature salty Bavarian-inspired snacks, locate another branch here.


Café Rockenwagner Now Closed In Brentwood

I had high hopes for Café Rockenwagner when I first noticed back in 2013 that it was coming to a new development in Brentwood: It had a bright, mod interior; a fantastic location on the corner of Barrington and Wilshire; and the pleasing Germanic/Californian comfort food of longtime LA chef Hans Röckenwagner.  But slowly over the subsequent months, you could see fewer and fewer people sitting at its tables.  Sadly, the Café has served its last pretzel burger.  The signs are covered over and the place is deserted.  No word on what may be replacing it, but until then, Rockenwagner still maintains a few other places around town that you can locate here.



Papa Jake’s Sub Shop Closes In Beverly Hills

While we’re on the subject of closures…  I recently noticed that longtime neighborhood sandwich shop Papa Jake’s Sub Shop at 9527 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills has closed its doors.  And it looks like they haven’t lined up a new tenant yet as evidenced by the “for rent” signs posted in the window.  I’ll keep my eye on it.