Whole Foods Landing Soon In Playa Vista

It’s fascinating watching the massive Playa Vista development emerge out of thin air.  As if overnight, row after row of residential buildings have sprung from nothing.  So of course, it seems only natural that the future inhabitants will need to eat somewhere.  Back in January I told you about the impending arrival of a Cinemark Theater (now open) with a full bar, lounge, and dining menu as well as a future Lyfe Kitchen.  And now we can add to the list a brand new flashy Whole Foods on the corner of W. Jefferson and McConnell Ave.


And The Name Of The New Restaurant Is… Estate

Back in late February, I told you about an ABC application posted on the vacant space at 1519 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica that used to house The Parlor.  The applicant was listed as Estate 1519, which I assumed was a working name.  Well, as it turns out, the new restaurant will indeed be named Estate as indicated by the sample menu that they recently posted in the window.  According to the Yelp page, Estate is up and running (possibly a soft opening) as of this week and the (positive) reviews are trickling in.  The menu, designed by Chef Hisashi Yoshiara (Buddha’s Belly) appears to be an eclectic mix of Asian influences and Californian cuisine that you can check out in the photo below.






Herringbone Coming Soon To Santa Monica

Nearby to the upcoming Joan’s on Third and eLOVate, I just noticed the plywood with a conditional use permit posted on it announcing the impending arrival of a new 245 seat indoor/outdoor restaurant in the new development at 1755 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica.  The applicant listed is as “Santa Monica Eats LLC”, but if you track down the ABC application, it reveals that the new restaurant will be Herringbone, which I’m assuming will be a sister restaurant to the Herringbone at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.  Not much news out there on an opening date and they’ve only recently posted job listings, but I’ll keep watching.  In the mean time, check out Chef Brian Malarkey’s  “Fish Meats Field” concept menu and read more about the company here. 





Kanpai Sushi Bar & Grill Expands In Westchester

With one location at 8325 Lincoln Blvd., Kanpai Sushi Bar & Grill is expanding into the space at 8736c Sepulveda in Westchester according to signs posted on the storefront.  Named for the Japanese word for “cheers”, Kanpai serves a menu of “traditional Japanese with California flair” that you can read more about here.  No word on an exact opening date, but it looks like they’re very close…



BYOPizza Disappears From Redondo Beach

Could this be an indication that we’ve finally reached the saturation point with the custom-built pizza concept?  I recently noticed that the South Bay’s very own outlet of the Southern US chain BYOPizza has closed its doors at 4051 Inglewood Avenue in Redondo Beach.  And if you can’t bear the thought of life without them, the next nearest location appears to be in Texas…




The Westside Gets A New Coffee Bean

The brand new branch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that was under construction in the curious space on the southwest corner of the super-busy intersection of Wilshire and Federal is now open.  Where you might find parking is anyone’s guess.  But while you’re driving around looking for a space, you can read more about the SoCal fave beverage shop here. 



Cousins Maine Lobster Claws Its Way Into WeHo

I just noticed that signs are up in the window of the space that used to house the unfortunately named and short-lived sandwich shop Bite Mi Café announcing the impending arrival of Cousins Maine Lobster to 8593 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.  TV’s Shark Tank darlings Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac (the “Cousins” appear to be expanding their growing lobster truck business into brick and mortar.  No word on an opening date or what exactly will be on offer (although I’ll wager a guess that it will have a great deal to do with lobster), but you can read more about CML here.