Culver City To Get Its Very Own Burger Lounge

According to their website and other sources, rapidly expanding grass-fed burger joint Burger Lounge will be opening a branch soon in Culver City.  NMS@Culver City, the giant apartment and retail complex that Curbed has been tracking at 9901 Washington Blvd. (Palms adjacent) appears to be the future location.  The entire complex is still under construction, so no word on an opening date.


Yankee Doodle Space Will Finally Get A Tenant In SM

It’s been a long time coming but it appears that the old Yankee Doodle space at 1410 Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica will finally get a new restaurant.  Ever since the sports bar closed due to a fire back in 2013, the space has mostly sat vacant.  Construction recently began and signs went up declaring that the cavernous space will be divided into two spaces; one will be a T-Mobile, and one will be a new restaurant.  I don’t think they’ve settled exactly on which restaurant as there is still a commercial lease notice online, but I’ll keep my eyes on it…


The Market At SMP 2.0 Coming Soon…

Oh those glorious days back in 2011 when we all held such high hopes for the opening of The Market at Santa Monica Place, only to have those hopes dashed on the rocks shortly thereafter.  With names such as Rockenwagner and Piero Salvaggio involved, all eyes were on the food hall that was frequently described as “Ferry Building style”.  Well, after years of sputtering and losing tenants, The Market recently closed most of its space for a major re-do.  Only four stores remain open: The Gourmandise School, The Curious Palate, Venokado, and Groundworks.  No word on what they’re planning on doing, and the signs that are up only promise that “The Market is changing”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Perhaps the new Arclight Cinemas and Cheesecake Factory will bring more foot traffic.  Maybe we can start to get our hopes up again…



Soupure Making Soup Sexy In Brentwood

Lately on the Westside, it seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a couple of cold-pressed juice joints.  But soup?  According to Soupure, soup is the new juice.  A diminutive kiosk has sprung up in the Brentwood Town Center on the corner of 26th and San Vicente peddling a variety of hot and cold soups in plastic bottles meant to be drunk like… well, juice.  Promising us that soup is “sexy”, they offer such choices as: pumpkin miso, asparagus leek, lentil chickpea, strawberry cashew, lemongrass consommé, and the au courant craze of the moment, bone broths.  With one other location in Studio City they also do cleanses and home delivery.  Check out their website here. 




It’s Official: Yazawa Taking Over The Bier Beisl Space In BH

When BierBeisl vacated the space at 9669 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills back in November of 2013, people were left scratching their heads wondering what was going to take over. Originally a pizza joint was scheduled to move in, but that fell through.  Then in March of 2014, Eater LA uncovered an ABC license application suggesting that a Japanese restaurant was destined for the space, but that couldn’t be confirmed and the old license application has since disappeared.  Shortly thereafter, a new ABC license was issued to Yazawa Meat Inc., and signs recently went up on the awning informing us all that the new restaurant will indeed be Yazawa.  Whether or not this is the same Yazawa as the international chain, I can’t speak with any authority but it certainly looks possible…

Update:  A reader sent me more information… Yes, this IS the same Yazawa as the international chain.  Currently, they are having difficulties with the owners of the space which is holding up their progress.  According to the reader, they are still far from opening…



Sunnin Lebanese Cafe Expanding West Into SM

It looks like Westwood’s popular Middle Eastern restaurant Sunnin Lebanese Café is expanding west into Santa Monica.  A conditional use permit notice recently went up on the empty space just to the right of Philz Coffee at 525 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 120 announcing the impending arrival.  According to the notice, the hours of the new café will be 11AM to 11PM Monday through Sunday, and there will be beer and wine.  No word on a planned opening date, but I’ll keep watching…



Sausal Set To Spice Things Up In El Segundo Soon…

The food scene is really taking off in this neck of the woods lately…  A major build-out is underway on the corner space that used to house curry spot Indian Summer at 219 Main St. in El Segundo.  According to the ABC application, the eatery will be named Sausal El Segundo and is brought to you by an entity called Soul Sauce Cantina LLC .  A still-developing website describes the new restaurant’s menu as “nuevo rancho cuisine” and yes, there will be liquor…  No word on an opening date, but it looks like they’ve got a way to go.