N.Y. & C. Pizzeria & Bar, Santa Monica

Toddrickallen tried the new(ish) pizzeria on Wilshire  (in the old Toi space), N.Y. & C. Pizzeria this week (One cannot live on Mozza’s and Gjelina’s pizzas alone.)   When we arrived around 7:30, the place was crowded and noisy.  We were seated at a table but quickly discovered that talking was nearly impossible due to the din.  Luckily,  some people left and we moved to a more conversation-friendly booth.   We ordered drinks.  Those drinking  beer found a good selection, including some rarities such as Belgian lambics.  The wine drinkers were less lucky as selection left a little to be desired.  We settled on a mediocre torrontes.  The food itself was ample and satisfying.  Salads were fairly classic pizzeria affairs of lettuce, cheese, cucumber, croutons, tomatoes, and olives in vinaigrette.  The vegetable pizza we ordered was deliciously cheesy and fresh, although the crust lacked the crispiness and flavor of some other pies, such as Joe’s.  All in all, the friendly staff and convivial atmosphere created the quintessentially classic pizzeria experience and everyone left satisfied.

n.y. & c. pizzeria & bar/310.393.9099/1120 wilshire blvd. santa monica, ca, 90401

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