Osteria Bigoli Taking Over The Vincenzo Space On Montana Ave.

I’ve long heard whispers that a change was coming to secret celeb hideaway Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano, that has inhabited the small space at 714 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. Apparently, hard-working and gregarious Chef Vincenzo Nicoletta has decided it’s time to move on.  Recently plywood has covered the front, and a change of ownership ABC license application is letting us know that the name of the new restaurant will be Osteria Bigoli.  Tortano LLC and the name on the application indicate that perhaps Osteria Bigoli will have some relationship with a restaurant in Covina called Osteria Pane e Vino.  In the mean time, Vincenzo remains open.  I’ll keep following this for more details.





Juice Served Here Coming Soon To BH

A great many of you have been carefully watching the space that used to house St. Urbain Street Bagels at 451 North Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills.  Well, now we know what’s taking over.  A small notice of non-responsibility taped to the front door indicates that a new branch of “never conventional” expanding juice company Juice Served Here is moving in.




The Brewport Market Landing On Main St. In El Segundo Soon

I recently noticed an ABC license application posted in the window of 204 Main St. in El Segundo, just across the street from newish popular Sausal, requesting to sell beer and wine in their “eating place”.  The name listed on the application is The Brewport Market.  I can’t find much information on the new restaurant, but a name on the application gives us a clue that it may have some association with the El Segundo Brewing Company.





Ladurée #2 Coming To Beverly Hills!

Le Bon Dieu of heavenly French patisserie continues to shower confectionary benevolence upon the good people of LA…  I’ve been starry-eyed ever since Eater told us about the upcoming arrival of Paris’ legendary pastry shop and restaurant Ladurée to The Grove.  But guess what happy surprise I stumbled upon on the corner of Beverly and Dayton in Beverly Hills:  It appears that Ladurée is taking over the space that used to house Vosges Haut-Chocolat at 311 N. Beverly Dr.  Plywood covers the front, obscuring the diminutive shop and kitchen as it transforms into the jewel box that is their signature style, but I’m confident it’ll be magnifique and I personally can’t wait.  Quelle Bonne Chance!



Chaya Venice Presses The Refresh Button

Asian-fusion standard Chaya Venice has long held down the corner of Navy and Main in Venice.  And it looks like it’s about time for a little revamp.  The place is gutted, and a notice in the window lets us know that they have closed for a remodel.  They’re promising to throw the doors back open by late September with their shiny new look.



KC Chocolatier Bringing Belgian Ice Cream And Hot Chocolate To Downtown Santa Monica

It was back in December of last year that I noticed printing on the door of the diminutive space next to upcoming Espresso Cielo at 1431 B 2nd St. in Downtown Santa Monica informing us that something called KC Chocolatier was moving in.  A little digging revealed that KC Chocolatier has a flagship store in Chicago, and is an offshoot of Kim’s Chocolates from Tienen, Belgium, that according to their website is the “number 1 chocolate exporter to Canada and the United States”.  Then the space sat idle for months, with no activity.  Finally, a flurry of construction and a flashy new sign confirm that KC is indeed coming soon, and that they will be bringing with them “fresh Belgian chocolate”, ice cream, and hot chocolate.  We with them the best of luck.



Caffe Luxxe To Sell Beer And Wine?

A sign recently went up in the window of artisan coffee purveyor Caffe Luxxe at 925 Montana Ave. indicating that they are seeking to expand to much stronger stuff.  The notice posted in the window informs us that they are requesting an ABC license, and that the City of Santa Monica  is currently reviewing their request. But before you get excited about the prospects of a glass of cab with your cappuccino and croissant, the license they are requesting is an ABC type 20, meaning the beer and wine will only be “off-sale”, or purchasable to be consumed off the premises.