Speaking of Salt…

And while we’re on the subject of salt…

Remember the salt tastings a few years back?  I still have about 20 quirky salts sitting in my cupboard.  But the one salt I consistently still use is Balinese pyramid salt.  It’s amazing for finishing a salad or dish and provides a unparralleled crunch.  Upon close examination, Balinese salt really is a mini pyramid.  It’s formed in some sort of highly specific atmospheric condition.  If you’ve ever had the good fortune to go to Bali, you know it sits on every Balinese table, usually in a small square dish ingeniously folded from banana leaf.  It sits on my table as well.  I enjoy guests’ reactions as they experience its texture.  You either grind it a bit between your thumb and forefinger, or scatter it whole for a wonderful, slightly briny, satisfying crunch.

Balinese pyramid salt can be ordered from Big Tree Farms at the following link:


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