Wolfgang Puck Express, Minneapolis

Long gone is the Wolfgang Puck restaurant that inhabited the space where R&D now sits on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  But I remember if fondly:  The servers who knew us by name and remembered our favorite wines, the lovely manager who occasionally showed us racy photos of herself for a laugh, and the pizzas.  Always perfectly crispy, masterfully made, divinely delicious.  Of course you can still find a close facsimile to those pies at the Wolfgang Puck Express in the 3rd Street Promenade or at Gelson’s, but the lack of human interaction at assembly line-styled restaurants does not re-create the experience.  How pleasantly surprised I was to discover, on a recent lay-over,  the Wolfgang Puck Express at the Minneapolis Airport and its wise-cracking server, Jackie.  Jackie’s deadpan jokes and “You think you got problems” sense of humor was comedy gold and kept us thoroughly entertained in the otherwise unremarkable airport.  How nice to be reminded, in this unusual place, how memorable dinner can be when the right combination of good food and good people come together.  Hats off to you and the others, Jackie.  Oh, and the pizzas were as good as I remember. 



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