Hold On Irene! Bread Problem Fixed At Obikà, Century City

If you read S. Irene Virbila’s upbeat and positive review of Obikà Mozzarella Bar in the Westfield Century City Shopping Center, then you know that the one flaw she encountered was the lackluster bread, which she described as, “Squishy as Wonder Bread.”  (LA Times 10/18/10 http://articles.latimes.com/2010/oct/18/entertainment/la-et-earlybird18-20101018)  Well Sweetie, you can rest assured the problem has been remedied, even before your review went to print.  The bread, we were informed by manager Reagan, was now from Breadbar and was perfect accompaniment with the featured Mozzarella di Bufala DOP which, as you all know by now, is flown in fresh three times weekly.  On our recent visit, the food was everything Sister Irene promised.  We loved the tasting of fried mozzarella and vegetables with sage leaves and a spicy tomato sauce, the fried breaded mozzarella di bufala was a comforting treat of a grilled cheese, and the roasted bread topped with cherry tomatoes, caperberries, olives, fresh oregano, salted ricotta, and mozzarella di bufala DOP exploded with fresh mediterranean flavors punctuated by an intense salty caper bite.  We tried many other dishes as well, all thoroughly enjoyable.  But the hands-down winner at our table was the Rice and Eggplant Tortino with Smoked Mozzarella de Bufala Compana DOP.  I arrived at our table molded, the smoky mozzarella rice carefully hidden beneath grilled eggplant.  The light and fluffy rice was a perfect foil for the flavors of the eggplant, cheese, and pesto.  An unusual dish, but one that left us in awe.  Completely satisfied and stuffed, on the way out, we were introduced to the owners Nilde and Raimondo, whose friendliness, warmth, and genuine interest in us reminded us of dreamy evenings spent in trattorias in Southern Italy.  We instantly felt like family.  We were even treated with limoncello at the end of the evening!  While Century City Shopping Center may not feel like Italy, Obikà gets it right;  delicious, innovative food and friendly, warm staff. 

The new breadbasket by Breadbar
The Rice and Eggplant Tortino
Obikà (310) 556-2452  www.obikala.com

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