Villetta, Brentwood Opening Soon…

Toddrickallen got a chance to catch up with Antonio DeCicco, who left Toscana about 7 months ago to open his own venture, Villetta in the old Chez Mimi space at the corner of 26th and San Vicente in Brentwood.  Antonio showed me around the spacious complex, which although looking like it still needs a lot of work, is slated to open soon.  The concept of Villetta is not so much a single restaurant, but a series of buildings, outdoor dining spaces (with heated radiant concrete), and lively bars (the address boasts the only 2:00am liquor license in the area).  People will be encouraged to mingle throughout the various houses and perhaps find a comfy corner or nook to relax and have a drink and a nibble.  The menu is described as “South Italian fresh market driven” and to helm the kitchen, Antonio has hired Pippa Calland, a former sous chef at the French Laundry.  Indeed, Antonio has recently returned from the Amalfi Coast to find inspiration.  And yes, there will be a pizza oven.  The reason the 3 million dollar restoration of the space has taken so long is because the old Chez Mimi buildings are designated landmarks and any change whatsoever requires permits and cutting through red tape.  But, persistence is paying off.  Look for an opening in about one month, although private parties have already booked out the first few weeks.

From top to bottom: The front gate of Villetta, the back building, owner Antonio DeCicco standing in the outdoor dining courtyard, the kitchen with pizza oven on the left

8 thoughts on “Villetta, Brentwood Opening Soon…

  1. I’ll have to do some follow-up on this one. I’ve tried the number too and it didn’t work. I’ve driven by 4 times now, and there is absolutely no work going on. There are large pieces of outdoor furniture still in bubble wrap just behind the locked gate. I’ll keep dropping by until I’m able to find Antonio and get the real story. My guess is they ran into permit trouble. I’ll keep you all posted, thanks for reading!

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