Villetta’s Premier Cocktail Party

Toddrickallen as well as a host of others got a glimpse into the soon to open Villetta in Brentwood.  The invitation-only cocktail party on Thursday evening (March 24th) featured a decidedly Westside crowd of foodies, press, industry players, investors, celebrities like Tom Arnold, and copious amounts of botox, restalyn, and silicon.  After being warmly greeted by Antonio and Gary, the partners behind Villetta, and Suzanne, the PR person, guests were treated to a host of over 22 nibbles, hor d’ouvres, and desserts.  Included among the nibbles were: truffled fondue, fontina, and pea arancine; a raviolini with nettles, borage and creamy walnut sauce; and a bufala ricotta with pistachios and truffle honey, all efficiently served by friendly staff (future wait staff at Villetta) who managed to gracefully bob and dodge through the thickening crowds.  Among the desserts were: olive oil cake with tangerines and candied almonds; cannoli with sheeps milk ricotta, candied oranges and pistachios; and mini sweet wine cupcakes with mascarpone crema, toasted pine nuts and candied fennel seeds.  Champagne, wine and specialty cocktails plied the impressed crowd.  If you recall the old Chez Mimi space, then you know that Villetta does not have a main dining room, but rather a series of small rooms and houses connected by corridors and courtyards.  There is a large main patio with heated concrete, as well as a smaller courtyard and a back patio.  Comfortable cushioned chairs set among the potted citrus trees, fountains, and herbs create quiet corners to enjoy a drink and food.  The rooms are decorated sparcely, with rough wood tables, stucco walls, and mediterranean accents such as bowls of lemons and artichokes, vases of lavender, and potted herbs.   A multitude of fireplaces completes the spell.  The overall feeling is bright and airy, yet cozy and homey:  an invitation to loll about on a sofa, the scent of lemon blossoms in the warm breeze enjoying sunny  Italian flavors.  Villetta promises to be an exciting addition to the LA dining scene.  Although postponed a number of times due to City of Santa Monica restrictions, the opening is set for April 4th, although they didn’t appear to be too confident of that date.  I’ll keep you posted…


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