The Skinny On The Parlor, Santa Monica

Ok, this isn’t exactly new news since The Parlor in Santa Monica has been closed since last fall, but rumors still fly about why the popular club at 1519 Wilshire Boulevard really did fall.  (Read Grubstreet’s version here)  Just this week however, the “Wilshire/Montana Neighborhood Coalition”  (Known as Wilmont)  Newsletter gave the facts.  According to Wilmont, the residents living near The Parlor complained that the area around the club was zoned for a restaurant, but The Parlor was actually technically operating a sports bar, which the establishment was not zoned for.  Appropriate business regulations were crafted by the city, but The Parlor chose to thumb its nose and not follow the regulations.  Ultimately, the city closed it driving hundreds of 20-somethings desperate to hook up elsewhere.  That’s not saying that all those rumors of threatened neighbors didn’t occur, these are just the facts ma’am.

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