And So It Begins At The Market At Santa Monica Place…

Wasn’t it just yesterday we were eagerly anticipating the changes at Santa Monica Place?  Here are a few sad photos of the first round of casualties atop the hiccupping mall.  As of Oct. 31st, Xino, the mod Chinese cavern once reviewed for the Times by Sister Irene herself is now caput.  And I’m sure that many die-hard fans of Piero Salvaggio are wiping away a tear over the demise of Primi Al Mercato, his ambitious restaurant/retail space.  Keep your fingers crossed that that’s all for now.  I ran into a former employee of Primi who told me that they simply did not have the traffic, with some evenings seating only three tables.  Sigh…

What used to be the “market” of Primi Al Mercato
The remains of Primi Al Mercato

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