Valen Dolce Calls It Quits On Montana; Via Dolce Moves In

There’s more activity lately on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica than you can shake a stick at.  Sadly, we saw this one coming…  After a valiant effort and loads of free samples, Valen Dolce is giving up the ghost at 1426 Montana Ave. #5.  Further up the street, it looks like stiff competition coming from its next door neighbor Sweet Lady Jane, is causing Via Dolce to vacate its space at 1627 Montana.  But all is not lost, Via Dolce (not related to Valen Dolce… I know, its confusing) will be taking over the old Valen Dolce space.  They should be ready for business sometime in January 2012.  Look for the usual menu of coffees, teas, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. 

4 thoughts on “Valen Dolce Calls It Quits On Montana; Via Dolce Moves In

  1. Businesses live or die on the level of customer service. Sometimes the quality of food has little to do with success in this industry. Sadly I saw this coming as well. My friend Clark & I used to enjoy coffee and a lively discussion at the nearby Starbucks and we would wonder how long Valen Dolce would remain in business. I will say they out-lasted both our predictions. After 2 years in Santa Monica I have now returned to the northern beaches of Sydney to live and run my business.

  2. This place is almost hidden but is definitely worth a try. It shares a space with a carpet shop which oddly enough is quite comforting. The fresh baked breads and pastries are delicious but the breakfast or lunch sandwiches are quite good as well. 1 star for fresh baked bread.1 star for one of the best chocolate muffins I have ever tried.1 star for being able to conveniently grab a rug and sandwich at the same time.&1 star for being slightly cheaper than some of the other overpriced montana establishments.

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