Veggie Grill’s New Menu Items

Veggie Grill has recently added a number of new items to their standard all-vegan menu.  Included on the list are a selection of “homestyle dinners” that consist of a main and two sides such as the gluten-free Urban Plate:  blackened tempe, carmelized onion, and portobello mushroom stack with chipotle ranch, steamin’ kale and tomato saladThere are new sandwiches as well like the Buffalo Bomber (crispy chickin’  with buffalo sauce, ranch, tomato, and red onion)  and the Crab Cake (“crab” cake with spiced tartar sauce, pickles, tomato lettuce, red onion).  And don’t miss the new Chocolate Pudding Parfait.  Find locations and read more at:


3 thoughts on “Veggie Grill’s New Menu Items

  1. I was at the conference and ate there Sunday night too. I had the Santa Fe chkecin sandwich and my friend, Michelle, had the V burger both delicious. The chkecin sandwich was perfectly spicy with a creamy chipotle sauce and was the best chkecin sandwich I’ve ever had. Also, took a piece of carrot cake to go (a perfect late night snack!)

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