Pizza Antica’s Tuesday Wine Deals

There are still a few good reasons to visit the third floor of Santa Monica Place.  On Tuesdays, all bottles of wine at Pizza Antica are half off.  With a largely Italian wine list, it’s a great opportunity to have a cheap and tawdry affair with an Arneis, Pecorino, or Fruilano.  Check out their wine list here:


1 thought on “Pizza Antica’s Tuesday Wine Deals

  1. Seeing as I’d completely forgotten about this place after dining here w/my friends back in December, you can guess where this is going… The pizza is allright. Our potato & onion pizza got a little burnt if I recall correctly, but not-burnt parts were pretty good, as was our 3 cheeses and pancetta. Mostly I remembered worrying about our unstable-feeling pizza stands, cuz my pals told me they’d seen another table where the stand tipped, and hot pizza & pan went crashing all over. The wine list and bar seemed full and extensive, yet our waiter seemed pretty clueless about wine in general. He irritated me; he just kept trying to upsell. My friends had to really stress that $6-7 glass request. It’s OK as a standard local/easy destination, but don’t go shelling $5 on toll just to get ‘artisanal’ thin crust pizza here.

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