The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company Coming To Westchester

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is opening soon at 8732A Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester.  The company uses a special filtration system to replicate water from Brooklyn that they believe has the preternatural power to elevate the average bagel into a New York masterpiece.  With locations in Beverly Hills, Mid-City LA, around the country, and expanding fast, the OBWBC counts Larry King as an investor and spokesperson.  Read more here:


3 thoughts on “The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company Coming To Westchester

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  2. But Tupree suggests he was also shocked through the redesign and thinks that it a sign the neighborhood is going to be gentrified in ten years. Fueling his fears is a glossy picture unfold in a single from the entrance hallways. Celebrating Colonel Sanders, it culminates in an graphic of the white mom, father, and two young children waving American flags. Close to this unfold, there a sign that says, a staff of varied, committed men and women, we reflect you neighborhood we serve. reflect hook up with neighborhood, Kentucky Fried Rooster installed a interactive tunes model showcasing Anacostia beloved musical genres: soul, city grownup, city beat and nujazz. But this evening, not one person seems to observe the fixture relating to the wall, allow on your own understand what nujazz is. The interactive tunes equipment, generally known as a jukebox, isn telling: A the latest storm has rendered it semikaput. It nevertheless plays tracks (the selection is significant on Al Eco-friendly), but only once the manager resets it with her distinctive key. So, with the time becoming, the totally free interactive tunes model primary purpose would be to flash photos of Colonel Sanders, a bucket of wings, and also a rolling pin on its shiny touchscreen interface.

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