Hideaway At The Oceana Now Closed For Renovation

Where’s the prettiest place you’ve never eaten?  That would be Hideaway at the Oceana Beach Club Hotel, the secretive, sexy hotel nestled into a quiet residential neighborhood at 849 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.  Why is it the prettiest and why have you never eaten there?  Originally opened with a “guest only” policy (later abandoned), this little charmer boasted an adventurous (if small) “coastal California cuisine” menu, a seaside clubhouse  feel, and jaw-dropping views of Palisades Park and the ocean beyond through enormous picture windows.  Well, all that is about to change.  Hideaway at the  Oceana is now closed for a major renovation.  Gone will be the clubhouse feel, to be replaced with a sleek Deco design and a fireplace.  The menu will be completely revamped as well.  Sumptuous sunset views will stay.  Look for a December opening…

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