Street’s New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Dinner

You do realize that New Year’s Eve is less than a month away, right?  So it’s not too early to begin planning.  Susan Feniger’s Street is hosting a special event titled Getting Eve’n: A New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Dinner.  Billed as an evening of FLAVOR, FRIENDS, AND FOUL PLAY, you can enjoy a special menu as you get clues and try to figure out who dunnit.  Included on the menu, will be intriguing dishes such as Shot in Cairo, Drowned in Mumbai (shot of Egyptian dukkah spice and warm housemade paneer in ‘drowned’ naan), and Snakepit Poisoning (viper chile and ginseng laced mandarin oranges).  Seating is all evening long, cost is $65 per person and guaranteed to sell out so dial 323-203-0500 just as fast as your fingers can dial to score your reservation if you feel up for the challenge.  Read more at: eatatstreet.




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