Tower 8 Now Closed To Non-Hotel Guests

Notice a problem with the photo below?  Seems curiously empty, no?  Those who have been enjoying the Josiah Citrin-designed menu at the recently remodeled Tower 8 restaurant in the Oceana Hotel on a quiet residential stretch of Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica might be surprised to learn the next time they come in for a glass of wine and the glorious ocean vistas that they will be politely turned away.  You may recall that the original restaurant in the Oceana (Hideaway) had a residents-only policy at the outset, but after the recent remodeling and reopening as Tower 8 in January of this year, they’ve been allowing walk-ins (Well, actually before the remodel to be precise). However, according to staff, recently the City of Santa Monica demanded that they resubmit for their licenses and stopped them from serving to locals and non-guests of the hotel until such time as the City “got back to them”.  They’ve been in a holding pattern for about two months now with no word from Santa Monica as to when they’ll receive an answer.  So until that time, as apologetic and frustrated as the staff are, there will be no service for walk-ins.  oceanabeachclubhotel


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