Adoteca (Miraculously) Now Open In Brentwood

I’m utterly gob-smacked…  I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a restaurant open so quickly on the Westside.  If you remember, Osteria Latini only just closed up shop on November 17th in the tiny space at 11712 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.  Astonishingly, Adoteca has opened in the same space a mere 18 days later on Wednesday (Dec. 4th).  Brought to you by the same people behind Ado on Main St. in Venice and Casa Ado in MDR, expect a solid and accomplished Italian menu with dishes such as Prosciutto e Burrata, Risotto ai Porcini e Mirtilli (risotto with porcini and blueberry), and Orta alla Griglia servito su un Letto di Caponata (grilled sea bream on a bed of caponata) served by friendly and accommodating staff in a dimly lit, intimate dining room.




2 thoughts on “Adoteca (Miraculously) Now Open In Brentwood

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