Heritage Fine Wines Coming Soon To Beverly Hills

I recently noticed an ABC application in the window of the corner space at 9400 S. Santa Monica Blvd. (corner of Canon) announcing an “off sale beer and wine” store.  Looks like the applicant, Wine Societe, will be opening a tony new oenophilic palace by the name of Héritage Fine Wines.  Not much information out there yet, but judging by the choice location, I wouldn’t exactly expect to see many bottles of Ernest & Julio




3 thoughts on “Heritage Fine Wines Coming Soon To Beverly Hills

  1. It is interesting, because this owner is trying to walk out on $27,000.00 of money he owes his contractor. He has bragged to our subs about how beautiful it is but he will not pay for it. He only has a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy now. He had a big opening party last Thursday without Fire Alarms because they would not allow s to install when the City wanted is to. The City officials were at the party they new there were not legal Fire alarms. He comes from Europe and thinks he can scam u the US citizens. His Karma will haunt him.

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