Honey Boba Coming Soon To West LA

Looks like shops selling boba (chewy tapioca balls submerged in sugary drinks) are proliferating lately.  To the list we add one more:  Signs recently went up in the new building at 11573 W. Santa Monica Blvd. (corner of Federal) in West LA announcing the impending arrival of Honey Boba.  Promising “the best boba alive”, they already have locations in Gardena, Lomita, Rosemead, and Arcadia, so this will be their first foray into the Westside.  No word on an opening date, but until then you can read more here. 






10 thoughts on “Honey Boba Coming Soon To West LA

  1. FYI it’s just 11573 Santa Monica Blvd. There’s no such thing as “W Santa Monica Blvd” – there’s only “N Santa Monica Blvd” and “S Santa Monica Blvd” where the road briefly splits apart in the Beverly Hills triangle area.

    • Thanks for the info… The City of LA construction permit in the window specifically lists the address as 11573 W. SMB. I took the address from there but you’re probably right. -TB

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  3. Is this place opened yet?? I see the brown paper that was covering the windows off now.. but not sure.. I only pass by there early in the morning.

    • They have “now hiring” signs in the window, but didn’t look like any action when I passed it late Friday afternoon. Still, the furniture is in, the walls are painted, so looks like it’s getting closer! The Honeyboba website sucks – or maybe it’s just their marketing person. You’d think they would be trumpeting a “coming soon!” message …

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