What’s Going On At The RG Club In Venice?

What’s going on at the RG Club in Venice?  While their website states that they are closed until late Spring for renovations it looks like a new entity is taking over the jazz bar at 2536 Lincoln Blvd.  According to the posted ABC change of ownership application, the applicant is listed as Twenty Five Lincoln LLC.  Inspection of the online application doesn’t reveal too much either as no business name is listed.  So we’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming…




3 thoughts on “What’s Going On At The RG Club In Venice?

  1. Hey Todd or Farley: The RG Club Sunday Jazz Series will be starting sometime in late Spring (possibly early Summer) a 30 year run. That’s right, Sunday jazz for 30 years. Have a nice day. Brad Neal, owner of the RG and the real estate.

      • Cool. I will be kicking it off with the resident band: Azar Lawrence Quintet this May 30 at the Venice Spring Fling on Venice Beach (they come on at 1:15 I believe). The renovations being done by the new club operators will be completed by Summer.

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