Wall St. Pizza Coming Soon To Culver City

I just noticed that a new pizzeria appears to be heading to Culver City.  There’s a sign up on the corner space in The Oliver complex at 11955 W. Washington Blvd. announcing that Wall St. Pizza will soon be moving in.  Can’t find out much info on this restaurant, but I’ll keep watching…



8 thoughts on “Wall St. Pizza Coming Soon To Culver City

  1. Grand opening today, St. Paddy’s day 3-17-18! Hooray, we have been waiting for this! It was well worth the wait, best food I have had since leaving New York. The staff is friendly, and provide great service; very professional. The beers are unique, and not found anywhere else locally. Organic wines are unbelievable. Really upscale eatery with outstanding delicious food. Will be a frequent visitor to this establishment.

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