What’s Going On At 800 Degrees In Santa Monica?

With the surprising closure of their flagship Westwood outpost in mind, this doesn’t portend well…  A sign on the front of the recently darkened 800 Degrees on the corner of Wilshire and 2nd announces that they have closed due to a ventilation issue.  They appear to have closed on Thursday of last week, and since then, the place looks lifeless.  Let’s hope that the sign is correct and that they fix their problem soon…  I’ll keep watching.

Update 03/15/19:  800 Degrees appears to have reopened after all.


5 thoughts on “What’s Going On At 800 Degrees In Santa Monica?

  1. I used to like 800 because it was good enough and affordable, but the quality of the execution went downhill fast and I haven’t been back in at least a year and a half, maybe longer. Last time it was a barely cooked dough center.

  2. i will never understand why so many businesses play this window-statement-game of “Temporarily Closed Due To (insert whatever nonsensical reason here)”?? instead of fessing up and saying “We’re Closed Because We Couldn’t Hack It” when everyone knows the REAL reason is, they’re closed because they couldn’t hack it.

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