Grom Gone From Malibu

I’ve some sad news for the legions of gelato fans who trecked to Malibu for a taste of Italy…  Grom Malibu appears to have vacated its long-held location at 3888 Cross Creek Rd.  Not sure what happened, but the signage has been pulled down and paper is covering the windows.  I’ll keep an eye on the space.


4 thoughts on “Grom Gone From Malibu

  1. It actually closed down in the fist week of March. It has nothing to do with Covid-19. Was told by staff that while it was doing very well for over a decade at the Country Mart, all locations were closing in the US, since they want to focus more on the European locations. Sad!

    • That’s a shame, I lived in Italy in the mid aughts when Grom was opening retail stores and there was one 2 blocks from my apartment. The quality and ingredients are pretty much the same in Malibu as in Italy, but the ingredients don’t have to travel as far there.

  2. That IS sad… Worked for FIAT in early 2010s and GROM was an almost nightly visit on trips to Torino. Discovered Malibu store by accident on a regular visit to family in Southern California and made THAT a regular pilgrimage.

    So many places have closed… Noriega’s Basque in Bakersfield closed in May(?), after being open for 80+ years… a childhood memory now only a memory.

    Support your favorite places (even if lack of support wasn’t behind GROM closing).

  3. This is tragic. I was elated when I learned it was in a few LA locations and after first discovering (and falling in love with) it in florence over 10 years ago. I would frequent the malibu and the century city location, so when I first spotted the sign gone, I was devastated. And now? I crave it (and their cookies!) often, and with a sad sweet memory.

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