Angelini Ristorante & Bar Will Open In Pacific Palisades On…

When I write a story about a coming new restaurant, I can expect a barrage of people asking about an opening date.  The thing is, I often don’t know.  There can be a number of reasons why some eateries may be delayed for years while others appear overnight.  Often city-specific red tape gets in the way (I’m looking at you Santa Monica).  At any rate, since I first told you about Angelini Ristorante & Bar expanding to Palisades Village, I’ve been peppered with queries about an opening date, so here you go:  Angelini Ristorante & Bar will throw open their doors to the public tomorrow (February 11) at 1038 N Swarthmore in Pacific Palisades.  Expect a bright airy space with large doors on all sides that spill out onto the sidewalk and a patio for al fresco enjoyment of Gino Angelini’s much-lauded and beloved fare.  You’re welcome.

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