Fiish Los Angeles Diving Into Culver City

I heard from a reader (Thanks Andrew!) about a new establishment taking over the old Bondi Harvest space in Culver City at 8820 Washington.  In case you haven’t tried recently to navigate your way through the fresh hell that is Downtown Culver City, well… it is an unmitigated traffic disaster and you’ll be stuck there a very long time.  Anyway, I did eventually make it to the location to see what was going on.   Window paper up on the space announces the impending arrival of Fiish Los Angeles.  I can’t seem to find much info on this business so if you know more send me a message.  Just know I won’t be driving there anytime soon…

2 thoughts on “Fiish Los Angeles Diving Into Culver City

  1. I’m really happy with the street improvements Culver City is making. Much easier to get around on foot, bike, or bus than before.

    • I’m glad it works for you. I would imagine if you live in CC you would know how to navigate with ease. It took me about 30 minutes to go four blocks and needless to say I was very frustrated at the time I wrote this. Take care…

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