Laki Ramen Coming To Mid-City

In a recent post about Mid-City, I opined about the plethora of empty storefronts along Wilshire Blvd.  One plucky contender appears to be bucking the trend and is moving into a space along the storied stretch of boulevard.  There’s a banner up at 6254 Wilshire (formerly home to Pita Kitchen) announcing the impending arrival of Laki Ramen.


4 thoughts on “Laki Ramen Coming To Mid-City

  1. Hi Toddrickallen, thanks for sending these posts!  Glad I heard about this blog from a friend. I have a weird question (if this email reaches you)- I’m trying to set up a simple blog-type website that does not require much tech skill, and I like the design and basic structure of yours.  Did you use a web designer or did you create this fairly easily using a WordPress theme/template?   Thank you!Best, Jane

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