Update On Cut, London

If you’ve been following this blog regularly (and I much appreciate those of you that do), then you know that occasionally, I corner Wolfgang Puck and press him for news.  Most recently I caught up with him a couple of weeks ago and posted this: http://wp.me/pIwAN-l8.  He had described to me how he was anticipating opening his newest Cut at the Dorchester in London helmed by Spago alum David McIntyre on August 22nd, in addition to a new Mediterranean restaurant opening in Oct./Nov.at the freshly tarted-up Hotel Bel Air.  Clarification came this week from the Dorchester Collection PR people in the form of an extremely polite email.  Apparently, Wolfie’s newest in London is referred to as Cut at 45 Park Lane.  Puck’s first European restaurant will not actually be in the Dorchester, but will debut in a sister property, the Dorchester Collection at, you guessed it, 45 Park Lane in the heart of Mayfair.  And, it looks like we’re looking for a summer opening.   I hope this clears the matter up for now…

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