The Skinny On The Closure Of The Broadway Ale House…

Stop the presses!  A big hats off to reader Evan, whose keen eye spotted the real story about why the Broadway Ale House was closed by ABC.  Apparently, according to the Santa Monica Patch, there is an accusation of selling drugs (cocaine and marijuana) from behind the bar, which the holder of the licence, Eden Beloved Noe, blames on an employee.  Due to the charge and a previous May charge of underage selling, as of December 6th, she can no longer retain the license and it must be transferred to a new owner, Mark Jason Marquez, which can take up to 100 days.  Read the whole sordid story with further details here:  Read where Ms. Noe defends herself here:

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4 thoughts on “The Skinny On The Closure Of The Broadway Ale House…

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  2. Don´t forget to add her forgery conviction where she tried pawn off her 5 year daughter as some 60 year old lady from Texas in some stupid real estate dispute and transaction. She certainly knows how to be a career criminal.

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