Uh-Oh…Broadway Ale House Closed By ABC

I sure overlooked this one… local watering hole, the Broadway Ale House at 129 Broadway in Santa Monica has a big ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) suspension notice stuck on the door.  It’s clearly locked and untended (notice the mail on the floor).  While I don’t have the reason, (the notice states that they have violated the “Alcoholic Beverage Control Act”)  the most usual ABC closure is for underage drinking.  What’s curious is that the first day of the 30 day suspension was December 6th, but the sign states that the suspension could be “indefinitely until license is transferred”.  Not sure what’s going on, but as you can see, the place appears abandoned.  I’ll let you know as more develops…

5 thoughts on “Uh-Oh…Broadway Ale House Closed By ABC

  1. It’s because the owner has charges for selling drugs out of the bar against her that she is waiting to go to trial for:


    She claims that the drugs were being sold by an employee, and that she is the victim of a cop who wanted to get her after earlier drug charges against her were cleared:


    At this point, the license needs to be transferred to someone else before it can reopen.

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