Obikà’s Salute To Lazio Dinner, May 22nd

 Obikà in Century City continues to explore the various regional cooking of Italy with a specially-themed dinner on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:00pm.  This month, they will be highlighting the flavorful vegetables and pasta of the region of Lazio with a 4 or 5 course menu.  Wine pairings complete the experience of a romantic, leisurely dinner in Rome (via Century City Shopping Center).  Cost is $38 and $15 for the pairing.  Call 310 556-2452 for reservations.



2 thoughts on “Obikà’s Salute To Lazio Dinner, May 22nd

  1. Obika’ Beverly Center The new Obika’ Mozzarella Bar located in the 6th floor Central Plaza open space at Beverly Center opened just in time for the holiday shopping season. The day after Thanksgiving it started by offering croissants, pastry and cappuccino to Black Friday early-morning shoppers, and continued till closing with its Mozzarella Bar and signature dishes, plus specialties created uniquely for this location, like the fresh and wholesome Obika’ paninis. We aim to offer our guests authentic Italian food in a relaxed environment where they can stop for a drink, a quick bite, or a 3-course dinner.

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