Truxton’s American Bistro Coming To Santa Monica

It looks like Westchester’s local fave, Truxton’s American Bistro is expanding to Santa Monica into the derelict building that used to house the dump Overunder Sports Grill, right next to club Central on the corner of 14th and Santa Monica Blvd.  Signs are up and, while there’s still a way to go, it looks like construction is well underway.  No news on the website, but you can check out the menus and read more at:  I’ll keep you posted as an opening draws near…

Update:  I spoke with someone at the original Truxton’s who informed me that they will be opening sometime within the next year.

3 thoughts on “Truxton’s American Bistro Coming To Santa Monica

  1. please let me know via email when you’re opening. I love the Westchester Bistro. It’s amazing.
    Charlotte Wark

  2. I spoke with someone in the Santa Monica City government who confirmed that Truxton’s is still pursuing this space (the sign’s been up with no update for months now): their application for the necessary licenses (they’re asking for a full bar and to operate until midnight) has been submitted and will be reviewed in January.

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