Bludso’s BBQ Replacing Truxton’s In Santa Monica

It’s been a cool minute since Truxton’s pulled up stakes at 1329 Santa Monica Blvd.  Since then, a ‘leased’ notice was splashed across the front, and readers have been demanding answers.  Now we have them.  An ABC application on the front door spills the beans that BBQ superstar and cookbook author Kevin Bludso is expanding his operation to Santa Monica with a location of Bludso’s Bar & Que.  Looks like they’re shooting for a June opening, but in the meantime, check out their menu here and try to stop your mouth from watering.

Truxton’s Quits Santa Monica

I’ve been hearing from startled readers that Truxton’s American Bistro has unceremoniously disappeared from the corner spot at 14th and Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica.  Truxton’s opened this location in 2013, and was a solid neighborhood lifeline on an otherwise desolate stretch of Santa Monica Blvd.  It was able to survive The Pandemic with take-away and outdoor seating, so it’s a bit shocking that it pulled up stakes so abruptly.  It appears that the Westchester and Torrance locations remain open.

The “Arden Liquor Parlour” Under Construction in Santa Monica

Have you been wondering what’s happening on the corner of 14th and Santa Monica Blvd. in SM?  Construction recently began on what I’ve previously reported to be the future Arden Liquor Parlour going into the old Central Club directly behind Truxton’s.  I recently cornered Pablo Moix, who along with his partner Steve Livigni, is responsible for a number of hip bars in LA, as well as the wildly popular new Scopa Italian Roots in Venice and learned that their upcoming cocktail establishment will not be called The Arden Liquor Parlour, a name created for the City permits that references a painting.  They have yet to decide, but the new name could end up being a nod to the building’s history as a bookie joint.  At this point, they are looking for a mid-February opening, but as we all know, this is Santa Monica, so we wish them the best of luck.



Truxton’s SM Update…

What’s going on over at the long-languished construction site for the upcoming Santa Monica branch of Westchester staple, Truxton’s American Bistro?  Well, anyone familiar with the mountains of red-tape confounding any new SM restaurant should be less than surprised.  After their banners went up on the derelict building on the corner of 14th and Santa Monica Blvd. that used to house the Overunder Sports Grill back in May 2012, the site sat mostly untouched for the longest.  However, things are looking up for Truxton’s as evidenced by a flurry of recent construction.  According to a rep, after having to push back an originally planned April opening, they are planning on opening in early July.  In the mean time, check out their menu and read more here: truxtonsamericanbistro.



Truxton’s American Bistro Coming To Santa Monica

It looks like Westchester’s local fave, Truxton’s American Bistro is expanding to Santa Monica into the derelict building that used to house the dump Overunder Sports Grill, right next to club Central on the corner of 14th and Santa Monica Blvd.  Signs are up and, while there’s still a way to go, it looks like construction is well underway.  No news on the website, but you can check out the menus and read more at:  I’ll keep you posted as an opening draws near…

Update:  I spoke with someone at the original Truxton’s who informed me that they will be opening sometime within the next year.