Free Dessert At Native Foods…

Today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday), when you buy an entrée, side, and drink at Native Foods, you will get a free dessert, the orange creamsicle cupcake.  Plus a portion of the profits from these two days goes to various charities.  Find a location (including the brand-spanking new Santa Monica Native Foods) and read more at:



3 thoughts on “Free Dessert At Native Foods…

  1. I AM A BIG FAN! 😀 Came here and ordered the Ghandhi Bowl. If i had ever met Ghandhi himself, i hope he would take and make me feel just like this bowl. So two sails of Chef Tanya’s Tempeh blackened and stuck to a mango wedge. The little ship is then placed on a bed of jasmine and brown rice, topped with organic greens, steamed veggies and a DELICIOUS wild curry sauce and then garnished with cranberries and green onions. I didn’t think i’d enjoy vegan food this much, but I could totally SEE what was in my bowl. no processed foods so that I have to guess what this or that is. Definitely surprised and this is probably a habit i’d like to adopt in my daily foodie routine. Seeing what u eat!Also ordered the seasoned sweet potato fries as a side! So GOOOOD!!! Especially when dipped in their organic ketchup. Then comes the pumpkin pie cheesecake! At first I was like…oh that’s it??? it’s a tiny wedge of cheesecake….but lo and behold…although slightly small…it’s SO FREAKING GOOD!!! The crust is made of granola and falls apart real easily. So i stuck the cheesecake to my form and picked up the pieces. nom nom nom… Natives could’ve fooled me with the soy cheese. I definitely want to try and make this for Thanksgiving…The service was great! Food came out quick and the manager(?) asked if we needed anything else before we dug into our meals. Anyways….i will definitely be back for more natives…although a little pricey, it’s so worth it!

  2. Native Foods CafeIt’s summertime and the thought of “fishing” often brings to mind a father and his child off on a nature trip in a quiet wooded area with running streams, pristine lakes and yellow butterflies flying in pairs. We don’t usually think about the hooks and when we do some of us start to get the yuck factor and think about swimming in the lake rather than fishing in it, but what about those ocean trawling vessels and driftnes that are the true definition of fishing in 2011? Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and all his misdoings of late add up to nothing compared to these bad boys of destruction.Trawling-cone shaped net behind a boat lowered at various depths. Below the surface nets schools of fish and near sea floor grabs flounder and shrimp. Chain or tires can be attached to roll and stir up the bottom dwellers. This of course destroys the sea floor and wipes out coral reefs. Each drop of a net can be the size of a football field.

  3. Need new ideas for your vegan holiday feasts? Native Foods in Culver City is offering a free cooking demo this Sunday, December 18th. There promises to be free samples, delicious holiday appetizers, prizes and more. Sign up here: .

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