Cherry On Top Yogurt Coming Soon To Culver City

Construction is underway on what will soon be the Culver City location of self-serve frozen yogurt chain Cherry On Top.  With locations throughout the US and LA, their newest store is on the corner of Centinela and Washington Place.  Read more at:

5 thoughts on “Cherry On Top Yogurt Coming Soon To Culver City

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  2. Hi my name is catalina, Im 17 years old, and I happen to pass by cherry on top a lot and I love frozen ypgurt. I saw that its coming soon, and was curious if there is any job opportunities open? Fill free to email me thank you.

  3. Hi my name is Eduardo, I am 18 years old with a High school diploma. I happen to live not too far from Cherry on Top and acknowledged that it was coming soon so I thought it would be a great idea to apply there. Please feel free to email me, as well, thank you very much for taking some of your time in seeing this and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. why is it taking sooooooooooooooo long ? just curious. iwork in the design construction industry where things do take time, but this has got me curious. thanks.

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