Yogurtland Now Open On Montana Ave.

In further icy treat news… Yogurtland, the aforementioned self-serve frozen yogurt shop is now open in the space left by Lucky Brand at 1426 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  yogurt-land.com


2 thoughts on “Yogurtland Now Open On Montana Ave.

  1. Was really happy to discover last week that they had opened. In my opinion, their yogurt is better than Menchie’s, and their topping bar is far superior to Menchie’s (I’ve seen some kind of gross-looking fruit there before). I do like Pinkberry, but Yogurtland’s prices and DIY approach are more appealing than Pinkberry.

    Menchie’s has the nice proximity to the school for lots of business, but I think that Pinkberry may not be much longer for Montana Ave…

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