Spago Tracker…

Here are a few tantalizing photos giving us some idea of Spago’s new look…  Look for an opening very soon…


7 thoughts on “Spago Tracker…

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  2. COLD…! Colors Look very clinical…Like a VA Hospital. Lacks the warmth, taste,
    character and elegance. New Look..and probably New Menu. It does not look
    like the celebrated SPAGO we knew. . Remains to be seen if this will be Wolfgang’s homerun…
    or not…!

  3. Looks SO much better the 21st Century…it used to look like a Retirement Home cafeteria… well again most of the old clients did die while waiting for a table…

  4. REALLY!!!!
    You take crappy photos of a yet to be completed restaurant .. NOT COOL!
    You didnt even get a shot of the restaurant!
    and to the other folks that replied – get a life!!! Haters with opinions that really just don’t matter.. get a life!

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