Yogurtland Coming Soon To Downtown Santa Monica

The frozen yogurt craze shows no sign of abating…  After its recently opened Montana Ave. branch, Yogurtland continues its relentless march into Santa Monica with construction underway on a new outpost at 304 Santa Monica Blvd (at Third Street Promenade) in what was formerly a Jamba Juice.   yogurt-land.com


One thought on “Yogurtland Coming Soon To Downtown Santa Monica

  1. You delicious cup of fat-free, inexpensive, healthy, tasty, alternative-to-ice-cream you! I like throwing blueberries, blackberries, pineapple and a sprinkle of nuts over my plain or taro/Ube non-fat yogurt. I like that I pay according to the weight of what is in my little cup. And, I like that many other yogurt joints are following the model of price-by-weight. You get to add everything yourself–but trust me: two flavors of yogurt is plenty. it’s like painting–too many colors and you get mush. There will be plenty more visits if you like yogurtland as much as I do…bwahahaha!

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