Santa Monica Gets Another Yogurtland

I guess we haven’t seen the end of the whole frozen yogurt thing quite yet…  Shops continue to pop up like weeds.  The latest?  It looks like the newly remodeled shopping center on the southwest corner of Lincoln Blvd. and Pico in Santa Monica is about to get its very own Yogurtland soon.




It’s Official: Yogurtland Montana Ave. Permanently Closed

In early December, I told you about the temporary closure of the Yogurtland at 1426 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  At the time, they had signs posted that they were remodeling.  Later in the month, I noticed that the space looked vacated.  Well, as you can tell by the for lease notice in the window, Yogurtland will not be reopening on Montana.  Furthermore, I heard from a former employee that the workers were not even notified.  Sadly, they showed up for work and the place had been stripped.  So, I think we can safely say that we’ve finally seen the end of the Yogurtland drama.


Yogurtland Coming Soon To Montana Ave.

In case you’ve been lying awake at night worried that there simply aren’t enough places to procure frozen treats on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, you’re in luck.  It looks like an outpost of Yogurtland is moving into the space left by Lucky Brand at 1426 Montana.  As always, I’ll keep you posted…