Truxton’s SM Update…

What’s going on over at the long-languished construction site for the upcoming Santa Monica branch of Westchester staple, Truxton’s American Bistro?  Well, anyone familiar with the mountains of red-tape confounding any new SM restaurant should be less than surprised.  After their banners went up on the derelict building on the corner of 14th and Santa Monica Blvd. that used to house the Overunder Sports Grill back in May 2012, the site sat mostly untouched for the longest.  However, things are looking up for Truxton’s as evidenced by a flurry of recent construction.  According to a rep, after having to push back an originally planned April opening, they are planning on opening in early July.  In the mean time, check out their menu and read more here: truxtonsamericanbistro.



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