Yoshinoya Updates Itself In New Digs In Westchester

I haven’t heard much news from Japanese chain Yoshinoya in quite a while, but it looks as though they’re about to up their game.  Signs indicate that they are poised to take over the corner spot in a brand new development on the corner of Manchester and Bellanca in Westchester.  And it appears as though the dusty brand, founded in Tokyo over a century ago, is about to get a reboot.  The new signs read Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen.  They look close to opening, but until then, read more about their signature teriyaki bowls here. 




3 thoughts on “Yoshinoya Updates Itself In New Digs In Westchester

  1. Yoshinoya opened this today with a blurb on the regular Yoshinoya Facebook page, and nothing else. No seperate corporate website, meaning no menu or nutrition information online. Nothing in the Press Release section, or Corporate News. Franchising? No guess yet. Then again, they’ve never really been on top of the PR Game, why start now?

    One long and out of focus picture of the menuboard taken by a customer showing bowls (rice or noodles?) and a wider variety of meats and veggies to top them – can’t even make out the prices. Or even the Side items at the far end. And it looks like a Show Grille where they final prep everything in front of you, but it could just be additional steam-tray space.

  2. Just an update: They’ve converted over a few more restaurants to the “Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen” format, including the Canoga Park location on Topanga Canyon just north of Sherman Way, they just reopened. And naturally for them, they *still* haven’t updated their website to show…

    They freshened up the offerings, and there’s more than just white rice and the steamed veggies – like 6 different meats and 6 different veggie sides. The potato wedges were interesting. I’ll have to go back and experiment more – it’s stuff I can’t cook at home without investing in a lot of specialized ingredients. And they went Postmodern with the decor.

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