1 2 3 Pho Coming To Westchester

It appears a new noodle joint is coming to Westchester.  There’s window covering on the space at 8601 Lincoln Blvd., formerly home to a branch of SanSai, announcing that something called 1 2 3 Pho (get it?) is moving in.  Clever name aside, there’s not much out there on the impending eatery, but the window paper promises pho, banh mi, and “grill“.

Kebab Bar Opening Soon In Westchester

With all the restaurant closures taking place, I’m cheered to see new ones on the way.  A big banner hangs above the space at 8730 S Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester announcing that a new “fresh, authentic Mediterranean” eatery is close to opening.  Kebab Bar promises a menu of hummus, falafel, and kebab based on “multi-generational family recipes”.  We wish them the best of luck.

Sustain A Bowl Coming Soon To Westchester

I short time ago, I told you about the window paper covering the space at 8338 Lincoln Blvd. in Westchester that informed us about a new poke joint moving in.  Well, plans must have changed because what was supposed to have been Fishbowl Poke Co. will now be something called Sustain A Bowl, at least according to the new window paper.  I’m not sure what happened, or when they’ll open, but I’ll keep watching…

The Harvest Bar Now Open In Westchester

With one other location in Sherman Oaks, self-described superfood café The Harvest Bar is now up and delivering the goods in their new location at 8601 Lincoln Blvd. in Westchester.  Look for a menu of smoothies, bowls, and breakfasts comprised of a variety of fruits, proteins, and acai.  Check out more and read their menu here.


La Rocco’s Pizzeria Expands Into Westchester…

It looks like La Rocco’s Pizzeria is taking over an old beauty salon at 8806 S. Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester.  With one other location in Downtown Culver City, The pizzeria bills itself as “a slice of New York”.  No word on an exact opening date, but while you’re waiting check out their menu of pasta, salads, sandwiches, and pizza here, and judging by the ABC license in the window, there will be beer and wine.


Kanpai Sushi Bar & Grill Expands In Westchester

With one location at 8325 Lincoln Blvd., Kanpai Sushi Bar & Grill is expanding into the space at 8736c Sepulveda in Westchester according to signs posted on the storefront.  Named for the Japanese word for “cheers”, Kanpai serves a menu of “traditional Japanese with California flair” that you can read more about here.  No word on an exact opening date, but it looks like they’re very close…



Yoshinoya Updates Itself In New Digs In Westchester

I haven’t heard much news from Japanese chain Yoshinoya in quite a while, but it looks as though they’re about to up their game.  Signs indicate that they are poised to take over the corner spot in a brand new development on the corner of Manchester and Bellanca in Westchester.  And it appears as though the dusty brand, founded in Tokyo over a century ago, is about to get a reboot.  The new signs read Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen.  They look close to opening, but until then, read more about their signature teriyaki bowls here.