Musashiya Udon Noodle Opens Today In Westwood

Every once in a while, a story surprises me by how much interest it garners.  It was back in mid-August that I told you about papers in the window of the old Top N One Ramen Ex space at 1049 Gayley Ave. in Westwood announcing that a new Japanese noodle shop, Musashiya Udon Noodle was moving in.  And since then, the buzz on this place has been, well, crazy.  So to all those people who have been following this story with cult-like rapt attention comes this exciting news:  Musashiya  opens today (October 28th) at 11:00am according to the paper in the window.  Check out their website and read more about what they’re billing as the “Best Udon In America” here.



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