Frostalicious Bringing Icy Treats To Westwood Soon…

Right next door to the recently revamped and highly popular Koala Tapioca, a new icy treat shop is coming to the space at 10967 Weyburn Ave. in Westwood.  Frostalicious is promising the World’s first self-serve Taiwanese shaved ice machines that will deliver the revolutionary “light as a snowflake, fluffy as a cloud” frozen delights in a myriad of flavors including; strawberry buttermilk, cucumber mint, and creamy mango.  And you can add to this an astonishing array of toppings such as; almond tofu, red velvet bites, aloe vera with honey, and flavored condensed milk.  Now word on an opening date and the construction is fast and furious, but until then read more here.


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