Rawvolution Runs Into A Spot Of Trouble…

Champions of uncooked cuisine Rawvolution, at 2301 Main St. in Santa Monica was closed yesterday due to a violation of the Health and Safety Code, or at least that’s what the official notice, dated 3/31 and posted on the front door says.  A much less formal, handwritten note accompanying the notice attempts to explain that the issue appears to be a plumbing problem.  As of Friday, they were very busy remedying the situation and the sign suggests that they may possibly reopen by Saturday, but as you can see, an official health officer must reopen it.  We wish them the best of luck.




6 thoughts on “Rawvolution Runs Into A Spot Of Trouble…

  1. I support Matt and his crew, having been put into such an awkward position, by what might be nothing more than an episodic mechanical failure. However, knowing Matt, Rawvolution will be in good repair and in the good books, immediately. [After that, it’s just a matter of scheduling for the inspector of health.]

    This is not a censure of a restaurateur’s practices, but the discovery of an emergent maintenance problem.

      • Cheers, toddrickallen.

        Matty Amsden happens to be my son, and I know how meticulous he is.

        But, in regard to the comment below by Luz, I “sit corrected” on the details. However, even in a notoriously clean city such as Toronto, where I live, well, unfortunate shit does happen.

        Steve White

    • Thank-you, Luz, for the additional information.

      I DID expect your link, however, to be probative of your statement, but it’s simply a transcript of the local health code. I’m not doubting your word, Luz, but a link to something that backs up your statement would be appreciated by this semi-retired journalist, who is conditioned to seek reliable sources for stated facts. Perhaps you could indulge me by providing same.

      That would tend to eLUCidate matters. : { ]

      Thanks, and best regards.

      // Steve//

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