Mason Taking Over Sam’s By The Beach In Santa Monica

It wasn’t that long ago that Santa Monica Canyon staple, Sam’s by the Beach went belly up in its location at 108 W Channel Rd.  Since then, I’ve been watching to see what would take over the location.  An ABC application posted on the front lists the new business as Mason.  According to the application, the people behind Mason are Change the Channel LLC.  I’ve tried to dig up more information on the mysterious enterprise, but there’s not much out there yet, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see…




Three Twins Ice Cream Vanishes From Santa Monica

I recently noticed that Three Twins Ice Cream has vacated its space at 2726 Main St. in Santa Monica.  The windows are papered over and the website is reporting it closed as of March 4th.  It looks like they recently closed their San Francisco branch as well.  Could this indicate trouble for the brand?



Candytopia Bringing “Confectionary Bliss” To Santa Monica For A Limited Time

Self-described “outrageously sweet interactive pop-up” Candytopia opens tomorrow (Friday March 2nd) in Santa Monica Place.  The exhibit, brought to you by Hollywood “Candy Queen” Jackie Sorkin and described to me by an employee as “an immersive art [experience] made out of candy”, will run for four months.  And yes, you will be eating candy.  Read more about this spectacularly creative pop-up and get tickets here.



Rita’s Gate Of India Relocates In Santa Monica

Perhaps you’ve been missing the old Gate of India restaurant that disappeared from its location at 115 Santa Monica Blvd.  That space has been (slowly) transforming into something called Tumbi Bar.  However, GOI has resurfaced as Rita’s Gate of India in its new location at 1450 5th Street in Downtown Santa Monica.


Big Dean’s Expands, Starbucks Lands Under The Pier In SM

Tucked underneath the Santa Monica Pier, Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe has long been a favorite watering hole with locals and the beach crowd, and has remained largely untouched since the 1970s.  But that’s all about to change…  According to a spokesperson, they are expanding into the space just to the north, adding more patio, bar, and kitchen space.  And at the other end of the building, a brand new Starbucks is moving in, bringing a much different vibe to this little hidden corner of Santa Monica.  Check out the artist’s rendering below to get a taste of how things will look.

Seaside On The Pier Replacing Ristorante Al Mare On The SM Pier

It was back in June of 2013, when I first noticed a new Italian restaurant gearing up to cater to the hungry tourist trade on the Santa Monica Pier.  Sadly, it appears that Ristorante Al Mare has closed up shop…  Making haste to replace it will be Seaside On The Pier, at least according to the plywood covering the remodel.  Looks like they’re installing a grill, sandwich shop, and a rooftop lounge.

O & O Sicilian Kitchen & Bar Closes In SM

This week I heard from a reader (Thanks FG!) who told me about the closure of O & O Sicilian Kitchen & Bar at 1705 Ocean Ave Suite #111 in Santa Monica.  I went by to check it out…  While there is no notice posted and their website is still functioning, Yelp is reporting them as closed and the space is being gutted.  Courageously opening in a challenging location back in 2016, it appears the foot traffic simply wasn’t on their side.  Sad to see them go…