Burgers N Brews Brings A New Sports Bar To SM

I’ve been watching the space at 3021 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica that used to house tapas place Santino’s, after a reader sent me an inquiry asking about all the recent activity.  Somebody was hard at work for the last few months doing a complete renovation.  Signs have recently gone up informing us all exactly what the new restaurant will be: Burgers N Brews.  Except for their very recent ABC application, I can find very little information about this new establishment.  According to their awning, we can expect craft beer and wine, grass-fed burgers, and pizza in a sports bar atmosphere.


2 thoughts on “Burgers N Brews Brings A New Sports Bar To SM

  1. It’s open now and run by very charming British(Irish, I think) people. I haven’t had a burger yet, but will soon.

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