Spinfish Poke House Now Dishing Fish In SM

That didn’t take long…  It was only back in the March that I noticed that pie shop Simplethings had disappeared from its Lincoln/Wilshire corner location in Santa Monica.  Wasting no time whatsoever, signs soon went up announcing that Pasadena’s Spinfish Poke House was set to move in.  Well, indeed they have, as they recently opened and are now dishing raw fish to the masses.





1 thought on “Spinfish Poke House Now Dishing Fish In SM

  1. Tried it today. Disappointed. Great concept that each size level means one scoop of each fish of your choice. Small is 1, Regular is 2, Large is 3. Allows for combos. But the sauces I tried were overwheling, Way too thick. Many of the add ons are basically unknown words with no explanation on the menu. Many looked like powder sodium bombs.

    Sweetfin is way better from my first experience. I have my problems with them too. The ordering process takes too long. Install ordering tablets. Pay at the register or add X cents for credit card payment on the tablets.

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