Capital One Café Comes To Downtown Santa Monica

In a push to make banking more friendly, financial giant Capital One has been opening community cafés across the country.  And now Santa Monica looks like their next target.  Going into a brand new building on the corner of 4th and Broadway in Downtown Santa Monica, on what used to be an unsightly parking lot, the new Capital One Café will offer Peet’s beverages and “local pastry” in addition to internet and banking services.

6 thoughts on “Capital One Café Comes To Downtown Santa Monica

    • Also, a sign is up that a dessert place called Chocolate Bash is moving in to the Coffee Bean spot on Pico Blvd across from Westside Pavilion. Non-food related, Nordstrom’s at Westside Pavilion is displaying signs that the official opening date of the new Century City location is October 3, 2017.

      • apparently there’s a Chocolate Bash out in Newport Beach so this would be their second location.

  1. Your title misspells the “Capital” in “Capital One” with an “o,” while the article spells it correctly with an “a.”

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