Three Twins Ice Cream Vanishes From Santa Monica

I recently noticed that Three Twins Ice Cream has vacated its space at 2726 Main St. in Santa Monica.  The windows are papered over and the website is reporting it closed as of March 4th.  It looks like they recently closed their San Francisco branch as well.  Could this indicate trouble for the brand?



3 thoughts on “Three Twins Ice Cream Vanishes From Santa Monica

  1. Pono and Oscar’s have closed on Rose. I don’t know if Jeni’s can hang on. I asked someone at Pono what was going on and he said that the closure is temporary. I hope that is true but have my doubts.

  2. It’s now a Sweet Rose Creamery. Of course, I didn’t notice that when I walked in (since it was an ice cream store). So, when I asked about the Lemon Cookie ice cream, the girl behind the counter said that was from the prior shop. So embarrassing. She was really sweet and shared that she heard the owner sold the company and moved to the Bahamas.

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